About the Circuit

The Crazy Battle Circuit began in 2016 as a silly little idea to have somewhat regular tournaments for lesser-played fighting games. The goal was to both promote these games and get people to try them as well as give people who were fans a chance to play. Since the initial run of the Circuit, I've just made it a general tournament but many people still request these lesser-played games due to being pleasantly surprised by how much fun they were to play.

The Circuit aims to just give people a chance to have fun in a tournament structure without being anything high-end or fancy. I'd describe it as a "casual tournament". There are no pros or experts here. Many people have barely played the games before but still enter for the fun. No one should be intimidated or afraid to join and people tend to have a good time.

I always keep a recording of the tournament streams on my YouTube channel so people can relive their favorite moments or just get an idea of how the past tournaments have went. You can view these recordings here. You can also subscribe to the channel to be informed when a new video is posted.